Core Health to Offer Family Support Sessions

Core Health to Offer Family Support Sessions

August 12, 2015
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Recovery is not just an adjustment for the person in treatment; it is also an adjustment for friends, family members and loved ones. Core Health will begin offering family support sessions on Tuesdays from 6-7 pm and Saturdays from 2-3 pm.

Core Health believes that family and friends play an important part in a person’s recovery and therefore focuses on helping the whole family recover. These sessions will not only provide education and resources to help group members understand the disease and its causes, effects and treatment. But it will also provide support to help members work through the emotions and feelings that come along with having a loved one battling substance abuse.

“Most importantly we want family members and friends to understand that their loved one’s recovery, sobriety, or abstinence does not depend on them, that they did not cause their loved one’s abuse and that it is important that they take good care of themselves during this process too,” said Heather Brown, Core Health Executive Director.

“These sessions will be facilitated by our trained and licensed counselors who specialize in working with families.”

For more information on Core Health or to register for the free Family Support Group please call 732.721.1000.

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