Frequently Asked Questions

Are visitors welcome? If so, who, and when?

Family involvement in recovery is very important. Core Health encourages families to attend our Family Workshops and Individual Family Sessions. Upon admission, all clients enter a 7-day Orientation Period. This time allows for the client to focus on themselves without the distraction of outside issues and concerns.

After the Orientation Period, clients can schedule family and friends to visit during the scheduled visiting hours. Scheduling a visit is the responsibility of the client. They will contact their family and friends and then inform their clinician of their intended visitors. Family cannot arrange their visitation.

All visitors will be placed on a visitors list and upon arrival, if over the age of 17, must provide a photo ID. Only visitors on the approved visitors list will be allowed into the building. Visitors are not permitted to bring cell phones or bags, including pocketbooks, into the building.

Can I do laundry? Do I need my own linens?

Core Health will provide you with fresh towels and wash clothes every day. All bed linens are changed weekly and are laundered for you. Core Health has a laundry room on site specifically for clients to use to wash their own personal items. We will provide you with all detergents and fabric softeners.

What if I need to go to an outside medical appointment or to court?

Core Health has a Medical Director and several Registered Nurses on staff. Medical services can be provided in house 7 days a week. In the event that an outside medical appointment is necessary, it must be coordinated through our Director of Nursing.

Core Health will also assist clients with transportation to court appointments within the South Amboy area. If your court appointment is outside of the general South Amboy area we ask that you work with your Core Health Counselor to contact the court.

What if I want to leave treatment?

It is not uncommon for an individual to want to leave treatment at some point during the process. Recovery is hard, as is learning to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. We will encourage you to stay and work through the “tough stuff” you are feeling and the reasons you want to leave. However Core Health is a voluntary program and you are free to end treatment at any time.

What can I expect during treatment?

Core Health has taken all measures to create a safety, comfortable atmosphere to allowing the healing process of recovery to begin. You will work one on one with your licensed counselor and together build a treatment plan that is tailored for you. You will spend your time at Core Health, meeting regularly with your therapist, working towards the goals you develop in your plan.

Our intensive treatment program runs all day, every day to help maximize your time at Core Health. Core Health offers daily group sessions focused on a variety of evidence based modalities. Evidence based means that they are treatments that have been researched and have proven successful results.

Recreation is also an important part of the healing process. Core Health offers a variety of activities including fitness programs, swimming, mediation, yoga, art and other creative programs just to name a few.

Can I smoke at Core Health?

Clients are permitted to smoke outside of the facility during designated smoking breaks. Clients are only permitted to bring unopened cartons/packs of cigarettes into the facility upon admissions.

Can I just drop someone off for treatment?

In order to ensure that Core Health is the best place to meet your needs as a client, we need to perform a prescreening first. Please call our admissions team at 732-721-1000.

Do you provide pick up?

We pick up at the South Amboy train stain, the Cheesequake Rest Area off of the Garden State Parkway and other various locations upon request.

Can a client take Suboxone at Core Health?


Do you take people on psychiatric or other medications?

Yes, depending on the client’s needs. Core Health has a medical team that can accommodate most medical needs however it is at the discretion of our Medical Director.

Can my family or friends bring me food?

Core Health has a full pantry of snacks and drinks that are available 24 hours per day. We also serve three meals per day in our dining room. Therefore family members are asked to refrain from bringing food into Core Health. There is no place to store food/snacks, and clients are not allowed to have food in their bedrooms. For those who require a special diet or dietary restrictions, our staff dietitian will help develop a personal meal plan. Trust us, you will never be hungry here!

What insurance companies does your program accept?

Core Health participates in most insurance plans. A prospective client or family member should first call their insurance carrier to see what their mental health or substance abuse benefit covers and if Core Health is on the list as an approved provider. We can also assist you with that process. Core Health also accepts individuals who would prefer to self-pay for treatment.

What is the process of admissions for this program?

We ask that anyone seeking treatment contact our admissions team so we can perform a prescreen. The purposes of the prescreen is to gather information and to ensure that Core Health is the best choice for you.  If we are not, we will refer you to a facility that fits your needs.

If Core Health is your treatment of choice we will schedule an intake appointment. Appointments are scheduled Monday – Friday from 9 am to 3 pm. However arrangements can be made if a weekend intake in needed.

Upon arrival at Core Health you will be treated with respect and hospitality. You will meet with our admissions team including our Admissions Coordinator who will go through the basic demographic information with you. Then you will see our Physician or Nurse for an exam who will medically clear you for treatment.

After you are cleared for treatment you will spend time with our Hospitality Coordinator who will provide you with a full orientation to our facility.

What is the typical length of stay?

Our program is based on a 28 day stay. Insurance coverage varies however and treatment can be individualized to accommodate shorter stays when necessary. Addiction is a chronic condition that requires continuing care. Core Health offers a full range of services with varying intensities and duration’s to meet the clinical needs of each individual.

Will I be able to make phone calls?

Phone calls are permitted during the hours of 8am – 8pm, seven days a week. Phone calls will not be permitted during therapeutic times (groups sessions, individual therapy sessions, etc.) unless there is an emergency. We ask that phone calls be limited to 30 minutes.

If I am pregnant can I still attend your program?

Yes, depending on the client’s needs. Core Health has a medical team that can accommodate most medical needs however it is at the discretion of our Medical Director.


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